Remote Materialization

September 2018 ~ Curator Laura U. Marks

Works by Invited Artists

In this exhibition, our members Waèl El Allouche (Tunisia, Netherlands) and Robbie Schweiger’s (Netherlands) co-create a work to materialize wavelengths: their project “Ways of Knowing: Materialising the Gaze” (2018-) measures light frequencies at particular locations and moment and converts these first into data and then into physical objects. Inspired by the optical experiments of Ibn Al Haytham (d. 1040) these works behave like human eyes, responding to the light levels and colors in their environment. Unlike our vision, however, they pause to reveal what they have learned, expressing in blocs of color the local actions of invisible light as it traverses the universe.

We also include the noisy and troubling sound and image works from our invited artist group Desire Machine Collective (Sonal Jain and Mriganka Madhukaillya, India). The works record and respond to the disfiguring effects of capitalism, as these manifest internationally, in their home city of Guwahati, Assam, and in their own bodies. As they write, the DMC “seek to disrupt the neurotic symptoms that arise from constricting capitalist structures with healthier, schizophrenic cultural flows of desire and information.” Noise Life: Scream witnesses a world’s worth of symptoms expressing in a single body: the scream functioning as a breaking point or, perhaps, a reset.

Man sitting on a vulture—figure to engrave on crystal (1388)

Ağayib al-maḫlūqāt va ġarayib al-mawğūdāṭ

Maḥmūd b. Aḥmad Ṭūsī Salmānī

Screenshot, “Ways of Knowing: Materialising the Gaze” (2018)

Waèl El Allouche and Robbie Schweiger

Noise Life - Scream series, 2008-2014 (1)

Desire Machine Collective Studio

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Remote Materialization

September 2018 ~ Curator Laura U. Marks