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Report on the wonderful SMRN Meeting of May 2019

SMRN had another wonderful meeting on May 30 with members joining including: Azadeh Emadi, Çigdem Borucu, Farshid Kazemi, JR Osborn, Lynn Kirby, Nezih Erdogan, Radek Przedpelski, Siying Duan, Steve Baris and Ziggy Lever.

Two of our members, Ziggy Lever and Lynn Kirby, presented their work in progress. Ziggy is particularly interested in the concept of afterimage. He explained that an image is a trace produced by bright light, and afterimage is the image superimposed onto the film of the eye. In a similar process in photography, double exposure, an image is created by two or more exposure times when a shutter is open. Both the afterimage and double exposure processes create what Ziggy calls “folded image spaces” where distinctive durations and spaces interact. So Ziggy uses the technique of double exposure to explore the nature of perception which always contains memory.

Lynn used a mind map to introduce the background of her artistic practice. She has a particular interest in “site-embeddedness,” both in terms of exploring the historical depth of one site and forging connections between different sites. She then emphasized the collaborative aspect of her work. Instead of a sole maker, she sees her role as a listener or co-curator. She has also worked a lot with touch and other senses, especially olfaction and the neurological processes of sense memory. Other key features of the experiences created by her works include performativity, ephemerality and dailyness. Lynn then shared several of her art projects including a site intervention work she is currently doing at Istanbul.

The discussion following the two wonderful presentations is very exciting and inspiring as always!