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Azadeh Emadi

My work involves theoretical, philosophical and practical exploration of digital media arts, particularly moving image. I am interested in the intercultural and philosophical study of moving image practice. Investigating Persian philosophies of interconnection, light and change in the context of media theories, my current research and artistic practice aims to reveal new points of view by challenging the preconceived understanding of the real and imaginary worlds. I am interested in disseminating my findings in both scholarly publications as well as exhibitions and screenings. I teach in the School of Culture and Creative Arts, FTV department at the University of Glasgow. As a scholar, artist and educator with a background in practice-based research, I have a particular interest in developing pedagogies that engage with creative making as a form of critical investigation. Laura U. Marks and I are co-founders of Substantial Motion Research Network.

2 years ago


Film, New Media artts, intercultural study, Persian Islamic aesthetic and philosophy, Sadrian philosophy, digital technology, practice based research methods, pixels and other minimal parts.


Moving Lines (2011)

Azadeh Emadi