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Narjis Mirza

Narjis Mirza is an installation artist and a PhD candidate at Auckland University of Technology. Her practice-led research brings together philosophy and spatial experiments of light, highlighting the transcendent philosophy of a prominent Persian philosopher Mulla Sadra Shirazi. Narjis plans to expand the dialogue through concept films and light installations. Narjis completed her masters’ degree in media and design from Bilkent University Ankara. She also received distinction for her Bachelors in Fine Arts at the National College of Arts in Pakistan. Narjis lives and works in Sydney and Auckland.

one Year ago


light, projection mapping, installation art, geometry, calligraphy, Islamic aesthetics, Mulla Sadra,


Asfar 2017

Asfar, Light box and laser cut 50x50cm

Asfar (journeys)

Asfar 2017