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Another great meeting on August 30

SMRN had another great meeting on August 30, with people joining from as far as Auckland and Tunisia. Present were: Mansoor Behnam, Wael El Allouche, Walid El Khachab, Javad Khajavi, Lynn Marie Kirby, Laura Marks, Narjis Mirza, Robbie Schweiger.

Both of the August 30 presentations touched in some way on the experience of non-human entities.

Wael El Allouche

Robbie Schweiger

Wael El Allouche and Robbie Schweiger presenting on the fascinating collaboration they are beginning (based on Wael’s earlier work) to capture the wave activity of light and express it in material forms.

Javad Khajavi

Javad Khajavi presented his book in progress, Arabic Script in Motion, which examines the many forms of calligraphic animation, and we discussed two of his beautiful animations.

As always, there was super high-quality feedback and discussion.