Ali Taheri

4 months ago

Philosophy, Ishraq, Embodied HCI, Enactivism and embodied Cognition, Emerging Medium, XR, Cinema, Haptic Visuality, Video Games, Interactive Experiences

Mriganka Madhukaillya

about 9 months ago

Media Philosophy, Cinema, Moving Image, Cybernetics, Forest

Bahar Akgün

about 4 months ago

Navid Navab

9 months ago

temporality, ontogensis and formation or life from none-life transmutations, life-preserving transformations, perception, complexity, movement, media, embodiment, alchemy, ethico-aesthetics and play

Gilles Aubry

9 months ago

Gareth Davies

9 months ago

Moving Image

Sheila Petty

5 months ago

Sub-Saharan, North African and Amazigh Screen Media

Matthew Sansom

9 months ago

sound, improvisation, sufism, soundscapes, creative process

Jan Hendrickse

one Month ago

sound, music, experimental composition, improvisation, sufism, atmospheres, respiratory aesthetics, Ottoman music, ney flute.

Tarek El-Ariss

7 months ago

monster, magic, myth, portal, fantasy, fiction, digital, hacking, leaks,

Gustavo Furtado

about 12 months ago

media, space and territoriality; film and media theory; questions of modernity and modernism in the Global South; Latin American literature and cinema; travel writing; documentary film studies; indigeneity and indigenous film and video

Paul Goodfellow

11 months ago

Systems Art, Systems Thinking, Ecology, The digital object

Delinda Collier

11 months ago

African art, media studies, logocentrism,

Katya Nosyreva

one week ago

Geometry, proportion, sufism, perception, imagination, porcelain clay


11 months ago

Poetry, Gardening, Yoga, hiking, Dancing

Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad

one Year ago

Juan Castrillón

one week ago

Breath, listening, talismans, ethnographic artifacts, filmmaking and museum exhibits.

Millie Chen

2 months ago

multimedia installation, audio, video, intervention, performativity, dialogical and relational aesthetics, land vs landscape

Mahmoud Nuri

about 3 weeks ago

Farabi, Avicenna, Suhrawardi, Film Studies

Wolfgang Weileder

2 months ago

Sculpture, Installation, Photography, Film, Sound

Bettina Schülke

one Year ago

Art science textiles technology

Radek Przedpełski

one week ago

geo-media, media archaeology, contemporary art, steppe art, Tatar art, Eurasian and Eastern European Art, art philosophy, Deleuze/Guattari/Simondon

Cigdem Borucu

one week ago

Electro-Acoustic Music, Classical Music, Classical Piano, Soundscape Compositions, Sound and Music for Film, Music for Theater, Chamber Music, Contemporary Music, Sound Installation

Andy Thomson

2 years ago

Moving image, Visual Arts, Perception, Eastern arts and world views

somayeh khakshoor

6 months ago

J.R. Osborn

4 months ago

Media, Script, Type, Diagrams, Museums, Reflexivity, Islamic Art, African Art, Graphic Design, Semiotics, Retrofuturology, History of Technology, Comparative Media, Aesthetics, Comic Books

Hicham Khalidi

2 years ago

Nezih Erdoğan

9 months ago

early cinema, Turkish popular cinema, film theory, storytelling, Japanese calligraphy (shodo), Islamic calligraphy

Nina Czegledy

7 months ago

arts science technology

Mansoor Behnam

one Year ago

Media Arts, Experimental Film and Video, Film Studies, Iranian Cinema, Comparative Literature, Performance, Cultural Studies, Research-based creative work, Deleuze and Guattari's Philosophy, Islamic Mysticism/Philosophy

Lynn Marie Kirby

one Month ago

M Javad Khajavi

4 months ago

Immersive Media, Virtual Reality, Animation-based media, Animated Arts, Islamic Aesthetics, Game Design

Yvan Tina

one Month ago

Performance art, curation, technology, philosophy, postcolonial studies

Waèl Allouche

9 months ago

Football or better known as Soccer

Jessika Kenney

6 months ago

Vocal Music

Alize Zorlutuna

2 years ago

Jeneen Naji

2 years ago

digital culture, electronic literature, technosocial interactions, digital practice

Ayhan Aytes

2 years ago

Farshid Kazemi

5 days ago

Film Theory, Film and Media Studies, Global Cinema, Iranian Cinema, Psychoanalytic Theory, Literary Theory, Iranian Studies, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Islamicate Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and Islam

Invited Artists

about 11 months ago

Ziggy Lever

one Year ago

Navine G. Khan-Dossos

one Year ago

Narjis Mirza

one Month ago

light, projection mapping, installation art, geometry, calligraphy, Islamic aesthetics, Mulla Sadra,

Tarek Elhaik

one Year ago

Dialogues between Anthropology, Art History, and Philosophy, Images, Curation, Geo-Philosophy, the rapport between finitude and the infinite, Cogitation, Gilles Deleuze, Gregory Bateson, Ibn Rushd (Averroes).

Steven Baris

2 weeks ago

Contemporary art, painting, video, design, Buddhism, Post Industrial Landscapes, Diagrams, Diagrams & Art

Carol Bier

about 10 months ago

algorithmic aesthetics, Islamic art, Islamic architecture, Islamic ornament, Islamic geometric patterns, symmetry, symmetry-breaking, quasiperiodic patterns, Oriental carpets, textile technologies, history of textiles, crafts and technology

Roger Malina

11 months ago

Robbie Schweiger

2 years ago

Kalpana Subramanian

7 months ago

experimental film and media, practice-based research, film phenomenology, transcultural aesthetics, Yoga philosophy, Breath studies, Deleuze, comparative philosophy

Siying Duan

2 months ago

New Media Arts, Chinese Aesthetics, Comparative Aesthetics

Azadeh Emadi

3 weeks ago

Film, New Media artts, intercultural study, Persian Islamic aesthetic and philosophy, Sadrian philosophy, digital technology, practice based research methods, pixels and other minimal parts.

Laura U. Marks

one Month ago

media art, media archaeology, intellectual genealogies, intercultural, algorithmic media, Islamic aesthetics, Deleuzian philosophy, Islamic philosophy, process philosophy, Hermetic tradition, taqiyya