Lynn Marie Kirby

4 days ago

M Javad Khajavi

4 days ago

Immersive Media, Virtual Reality, Animation, Islamic Aesthetics

Yvan Tina

5 days ago

Performance art, curation, technology, philosophy, African art

Waèl Allouche

one week ago

Football or better known as Soccer

Jessika Kenney

2 weeks ago

Alize Zorlutuna

2 weeks ago

Jeneen Naji

4 weeks ago

digital culture, electronic literature, technosocial interactions, digital practice

Ayhan Aytes

4 weeks ago

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Farshid Kazemi

one Month ago

Film Theory, Film and Media Studies, Psychoanalytic Theory, Gender and Sexuality, Literary Theory, Iranian Cinema, Iranian Studies, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Islamicate Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and Islam


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Ziggy Lever

one Month ago

Navine G. Khan-Dossos

one Month ago

Narjis Mirza

one week ago

light, projection mapping, installation art, geometry, calligraphy, Islamic aesthetics, Mulla Sadra,

Tarek Elhaik

about 2 months ago

Steven Baris

one week ago

Carol Bier

one Month ago

algorithmic aesthetics, Islamic art, Islamic architecture, Islamic ornament, Islamic geometric patterns, symmetry, symmetry-breaking, quasiperiodic patterns, Oriental carpets, textile technologies, history of textiles, crafts and technology

Roger Malina

3 weeks ago

Robbie Schweiger

2 months ago

Kalpana Subramanian

one Month ago

experimental film practice and theory, film phenomenology, transcultural/intercultural cinemas, Yoga philosophy, Rasa aesthetics, light and breath, comparative studies

Siying Duan

about 13 hours ago

New Media Arts, Chinese Aesthetics, Comparative Aesthetics

Azadeh Emadi

one week ago

Film, New Media artts, intercultural study, Persian Islamic aesthetic and philosophy, Sadrian philosophy, digital technology, practice based research methods, pixels and other minimal parts.

Laura U. Marks

about 2 months ago

media art, media archaeology, intellectual genealogies, intercultural, algorithmic media, Islamic aesthetics, Deleuzian philosophy, Islamic philosophy, process philosophy, Hermetic tradition, taqiyya