Juan Castrillón

Multimodal scholar, calligrapher, juggler, and music therapist.

My intellectual agenda focuses on analytics of listening and world-making practices among dervishes in Anatolia, and Tukanoan shamans in Colombia. My research methods include collaborative projects for producing photographs, texts, films, artifacts and installations. The experimental ethnography I developed is a performative response to contemporary debates in the humanities about object-oriented ontologies, aural perspectivism, and indigenous analytics on media.

Currently, I am a doctoral candidate in Ethnomusicology at the University of Pennsylvania and board member of the Society of Anthropology of Lowland South America. I am also pursuing Arabic calligraphy and ney reed-flute training under Turkish instructors.

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Breath and listening, ta'wîl and saḥir analytics, Henry Corbin, talismans (nuska & abjad), Ney, Amerindian ontologies, museum exhibits, ethnographic artifacts, audio and film.