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Millie Chen

My visual, audio and performative works are intended to interrupt habits of viewing. Materials, tools and methodologies are contingent on the needs of the moment, but at the core of all my projects are social inquiry and the use of sensory modes of perception in the generation of knowledge. I am currently working with Arzu Ozkal on a relational project, “Silk Road Songbook,” which integrates songs with landscapes, re-tracing one of the major arteries of the Eurasian trade routes by facilitating the creation of grass roots songs that channel local voices of resiliency and determination. I’ve exhibited and screened my work across North and South America, East Asia and Europe, and my writing has appeared in publications in the U.K., Canada, the U.S. and China. I am a Professor in the Department of Art at the University at Buffalo, SUNY.

one Year ago


multimedia installation, audio, video, intervention, performativity, dialogical and relational aesthetics, land vs landscape