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Kalpana Subramanian

Kalpana Subramanian is an artist, filmmaker and researcher presently pursuing a Ph.D. in Media Study at the State University of New York at Buffalo. She is interested in transcultural and interdisciplinary modes of inquiry into the aesthetics of experimental film and media. Her current research reconsiders the materiality of light and embodied practices in American Avant-garde film though the lens of Yoga philosophy. She was a Fulbright Professional and Academic Excellence Fellow at the Stan Brakhage Center in the University of Boulder Colorado in 2015-2016. Her short films has been screened at several international festivals and received various awards. She is also the recipient of the UK Environmental Film Fellowship (2006) and the Audio International Design Award (1996). Her recent films include the series Light Mediated: Eyes on Brakhage (16) and Tattva (18).

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experimental film and media, practice-based research, film phenomenology, transcultural aesthetics, Yoga philosophy, Breath studies, Deleuze, comparative philosophy


A Dialogue of Dissonance (2016)

An aesthetic meditation on the technological incompatibilities of cinematic apparatus, engaging the poetics of materiality in a dialogue of dissonance. (Trailer)

Film by Kalpana Subramanian