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Diagram, Cosmology and Media: SMRN Meeting of February 2020

SMRN had another thrilling meeting on February 29 with members joining including: Steven Baris, Çigdem Borucu, Juan Castrillón, Garry Doherty, Siying Duan, Azadeh Emadi, Farshid Kazemi, Laura Marks, Katya Nosyreva, Mahmoud Nuri, J.R. Osborn, Radek Przedpełski, and Kalpana Subramanian.

Our member Katya Nosyreva presented her work in progress. Katya is a visual artist who explores geometry through porcelain and is fascinated by the experiential and physical aspects of art practice. Katya presented a strand of her recent research on the history of Islamic geometric patterns, alongside images of her own artworks and some of her thoughts on an exhibition proposal. Sharing some fascinating medieval manuscripts of practical geometry, she proposed that exploring these diagrams and texts can reveal the mindset and worldview of artists of those times. This research also informs Katya’s studio work, where craftsmanship and philosophy of sacred geometry are brought together. Katya’s thinking on the “visual authority” and the temporal aspect of diagrams stimulated fervent discussion among members following the presentation.

The second part of this meeting continued our group conversation on the topic “media technologies of the cosmos” proposed by Radek. The ideas covered in this conversation include the different understandings of the cosmos expressed in artistic media forms; astrophysics and neuroscience; breath; the idea of cosmos as a practical construction of different worlds, etc. As usual, it was deeply fascinating and we ran out of time.