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Mind-Blowing SMRN Meeting of January 2020

SMRN had a mind-blowing meeting on January 30 with members joining including: Tarek El-Ariss, Steven Baris, Mansoor Behnam, Çigdem Borucu, Juan Castrillón, Delinda Collier, Siying Duan, Azadeh Emadi, Nezih Erdoğan, Paul Goodfellow, Jan Hendrickse, Julian Henriques, Walid El Khachab, Somayeh Khakshoor, Lynn Marie Kirby, Laura Marks, Katya Nosyreva, Mahmoud Nuri, and Radek Przedpełski.

Our member Somayeh Khakshoor presented her art project of travelogues. Somayeh has been interested in Sufism for many years. Out of her own travel and reading experiences, she becomes more and more attracted to the idea of “journey”, which she finds is very much integrated with Sufism. The travelogue is a particular genre of writing in Sufism that includes both internal or imaginary travelogues and actual ones. Practices of the journey and travelogue writing can be found in biographies of many saints of Sufism. Somayeh notes every aspect of travel has two directions: internal and external; subject and object, with the aim of discovering the self. Somayeh’s art project will consist of 1. a movie of a road trip to the Northern Lights, along the lines of her movie Hormuz Fever, pictured here; 2. a photographic “travelogue” into a humble object, her show; 3. a trancelike text installation (for which she especially requests feedback). Somayeh’s presentation was followed by a fervent discussion around the issues of Sufism and journey.

The second part of this meeting was a group conversation on “media technologies of the cosmos,” an idea proposed by Radek. We began discussing some of the cosmological diagrams members put on the blog, the discussion took a mind-blowing direction into music and vibration, with lots of innovative ideas. It will be continued in our next meeting.