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Recording time in photography: SMRN Meeting of November 2019

SMRN had another wonderful meeting on November 30 with members joining including: Çigdem Borucu, Millie Chen, Siying Duan, Azadeh Emadi, Nezih Erdoğan, Somayeh Khakshoor, Laura Marks, Katya Nosyreva, Radek Przedpełski and Wolfgang Weileder.

Our member Wolfgang Weileder presented his current work Atlas, which is a photography project. To help understanding this project, he first introduced two of his past projects of time based sculpture. For the first project, Wolfgang used long exposure photography as a method to capture the constant changing process of his time-based works. He then tried a different method to record the process of his second project. The method he took is to take a photograph of his work every three minutes through the whole day for a total of 12 days, and he extracted one pixel wide image from each of these photographs with software, and arrange them from left to right to form a final single image. This is where he got the inspiration and developed his method for the current project Atlas, which extends his objects of recording from his own sculpture to public space. This project is about using photography to depict public space in time rather than just in space. Wolfgang’s project aims to investigate the relationship between time and space, and the interface between permanence and transience. His presentation was followed by a thrilling discussion around the issues of time and image.

The second part of this meeting was a third free brainstorm about the 2021 event of SMRN and other SMRN issues. Our member Radek Przedpełski presented a brilliant idea of curating a SMRN online exhibition “media technologies of the cosmos,” and it will also become one of our podcast discussions in the coming meetings.