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SMRN podcast channel now available at Creative Disturbance!

SMRN opened a podcast channel on Creative Disturbance.

Starting from shared interests in the links between Islamic philosophy and digital media and in the connective method of enfolding-unfolding aesthetics, our interests have diversified as our membership grows. SMRN is a secret society, but this channel allows you to listen in on some of our most exciting conversations.

We already have three episodes available up to now:

[Episode 1] The infinitesimal, the life of the pixel, and the origin of SMRN

This one is an introductory conversation between Azadeh Emadi and Laura U. Marks. They talk about their shared interest in the meeting points between digital media and Islamic art and philosophy–especially the minimal part, the infinitesimal, and the pixel–that led them to found the Substantial Motion Research Network.

[Episode 2] The Shadow-Theatre of the World

This second episode is a conversation between Farshid Kazemi and Siying Duan discussing their mutual interest in shadow-theatre and the magic lantern as early precursors to the art of the cinema.

[Episode 3] Diagrammatic Thinking

The recent episode is a group conversion on diagram among members including Laura Marks, Steve Baris, JR Osborn, Kalpana Subramanian, Siying Duan, Radek Przedpelski and Yvan Tina. Topics covered include delightful diagrams, diagrams in world cultures and resistance to diagrams.