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Wonderful SMRN Meeting of September 2019

SMRN had another wonderful meeting on September 30 with members joining including: Steve Baris, Çigdem Borucu, Juan Castrillón, Millie Chen, Siying Duan, Azadeh Emadi, Nezih Erdoğan, Laura Marks, Narjis Mirza and Yvan Tina.

Our member Nezih Erdoğan shared his current project of a digital atlas of film venues in Istanbul from 1896, the first film screening in Istanbul, to 1928, when Turkey made the transition from the Arabic to the Latin alphabet. As an advisor of the Cinema Museum in Istanbul, Nezih proposed this project to be part of the museum exhibits. The final work will be presented in the form of a large interactive touch screen. The visitors to the museum will be able to see a map of Istanbul and choose a year between 1896 and 1928 to check out the film venues at the time. They can also browse further image and text materials about the venues and individuals who contributed to the local film industry. Nezih’s own research and teaching in early cinema will provide knowledge resources for this work. The presentation was followed by enthusiastic feedback and discussion of ways to make the interactive experience satisfying for groups of museum visitors.

The second part of this meeting was a free brainstorm about the 2021 symposium of SMRN. One of our questions was how best to exhibit SMRN members’ works. Steve suggested that members show documentation of work in progress that was supported by SMRN meetings. The conversation turned to an SMRN collaborative artwork, and Millie Chen proposed “SMRN Whispers,” the work we are engaged in now.