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The sixth great meeting on October 30, 2018

SMRN had another wonderful meeting on October 30, with members joining including Carol Bier, Wael El Allouche, Laura Marks, Steve Baris, Kalpana Subramanian, Narjis Mirza, Robbie Schweiger, Nina Czegledy, Mansoor Behnam, Navine G. Khan-Dossos, Azadeh Emadi, and Siying Duan.

Two of our members: Navine G.Khan-Dossos and Steve Baris presented their work in progress.

Navine firstly shared her artistic practice so far including paintings and murals. She is very interested in the emblematic or logo-based visual language, from which she can derive both pattern and meaning. She uses a technique of “layering windows,” as on a computer screen, to integrate those patterns and their implicit political contents, which create a sense of competing depth and flatness. In the feedback session, we discussed how negative space might be a site of emergence or even resistance. We briefly discussed the upsides and downsides for artists of revealing the research behind their work: some of us were much in favour of keeping it secret.

Steve shared his project exploring diagrammatic thinking in a broad range of historical and contemporary artistic practices. The central questions include: How do diagrams cross over into art practices that usually do not look like conventional diagrams? How does diagrammatic thinking actually “work” in art? What distinguishes diagrammatic art practices from artworks that are indexical or performative? The presentation was followed by a super high-quality feedback and discussion as always.