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Unique Meeting of May 30

SMRN held another unique and informative meeting on May 30 with members that included: Waèl Allouche, Carol Bier, Steven Baris, Lynn Marie Kirby, , Çigdem Borucu, Nina Czegledy, Nezih Erdoğan, Azadeh Emadi, Farshid Kazemi and Laura Marks.

Waèl presented his most current artistic project, which provided an explanation on how to mediate light and other phenomena through computational means and application of CAD/CAM. His project traverses from the real to the virtual and back to the real again. He showed potential geographical regions of interest, mainly located in North Africa. His project includes possible future cases for applying the tools and methods that he has developed.  Waèl is most importantly interested in changing narratives, by creating other narratives to empower oneself and find strength in contextual thinking.