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Wonderful SMRN Meeting of November 2020

SMRN held another creative and inspiring meeting on November 30 with members that included: Bahar Akgün, Azadeh Emadi, Mansoor Behnam, Carol Bier, Nina Czegledy, Gareth Davies, Siying Duan, Steven Baris, Tarek El-Ariss, Yvan Tina, Ali Taheri, Juan Castrillón, Farshid Kazemi and Laura Marks.

This time our member Bahar Akgün presented her fascinating work in progress, titled: ‘The Ornament of Internal Vision.’ Akgün’s artistic project is a practice-led research that analyzes the conception of space primarily defined by the surfaces in Islamic art, as opposed to perspectival pictorial space in Western art. As a unique methodology, the project will use eye-tracking technology to analyze the “kinetic gaze” (Necipoglu, 2015) hailed by traditional Islamic art and informed by the optics of the time. With the assistance of advances both in design computation and digital fabrication technologies as part of the design process, and in the neuroscience of mental imagery. According to Akgün this research aims to update the embodied, intersubjective visuality of Islamic art for contemporary architectural ornaments.

For the second part of the meeting, we had a discussion about an exciting project on two forthcoming special journal issues that we will be editing with Radek, Siying, Farshid and Laura. The two Special Journal Issues will be called: ‘Substantial Motion: Non-Western Genealogies of Contemporary Media’ and another one: ‘Pandemic Healing Media: A Renewable Energy in the Anthropocene’. The CFP will be sent out internally to all the members and we will hold another general discussion on the special issue in a future meeting with all our editors for the issues and the members of SMRN.